18 comments on “My 11 years with a Nokia Camera

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  2. Hi R!

    I love the tracking through the whole last decade of photos. The seagull day was quite special. We need to find the seagull whisperer again… ;o)

    Your sun/ice photo is lovely. I look forward to more photowalks.

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  4. I’m curious to know how these mobiles compared to the pocket digital cameras around at the time. You look at the 7650 and think a digital camera would have been essential. These days you obviously don’t need to be carrying around two devices to get really good results.

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  7. they are lovely pics, and filled with nostalgia! I lovd the 808 and 1020 but i felt like asking- were the waterfall shots from 808 tinkered with, because the rocks look surreal!

    • Of course there is editing involved, the shots are long exposure and as you can’t set exposure time with 808 some editing is needed. The rocks however did look like that

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