27 comments on “Having Fun with the Lumia 1020 Camera

  1. Great pal. One thing, many people is using Instagram these days so I must recommend using the Square Framing grids option & then reframing to get the best results.

    Another tip, it’s playing with bracketing under the Pro Cam options to get different exposure photos and then select the best one.

    • Well Daniel as I said in the post, this is about what I do and I will never use Instagram. Hence why it was not mentioned. But the bracketing use is a very good idea

      • Agree. I too will never, ever use Instagram, I’m opposed to everything it stands for and tries to do. If I wanted to share grotty-looking VGA photos I’d go back to my old Nokia 7650 from 2003….

      • You guys please chill out, I just meant to include a bit of more info for the readers, so the post gets more complete. I’m not judging what you do, so please don’t be hard on me. I use Flickr as you do, however I also use Instagram because they both have a very different audience. Most of my Flickr photos are raw, in the other hand those from Instagram are filtered. Compare my two contact lists and you will understand what I mean.

      • Hi Daniel, I am not angry so need to ask me to chill, I am merely pointing out that the post is about what I do and consider fun in terms of photography, it is unfortunately not about what the readers do, if that upsets you then sorry. But this blog is more for me to put down my ideas and thoughts. Nothing more. If others like it, great. But I won’t start to comment on things I do not use or do. It is that simple. I don’t use Instagram, I likely never will. Hence why and why there will never be a comment regarding it in the post.

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  3. It is just terrific, what you’re getting out of that Lumia Smartphone… CHAPEAU!!
    I was lucky enough that Marc from the Pure View Club posted some pics from my website some months ago… I do all of my food pics with the 808 and can’t wait for the 1020…
    reading your post was highly enjoyed… Now in my RSS feed. 😉
    You don’t post often, do you?

    best wishes and -once again – CONGRATS to that beautiful piece of picture-artwork here…
    …(and of course for that terrificly useful information!)


    • Hi Wolfgang

      Thanks for the comment, no I don’t post often. I guess I don’t have that much to say. When I do post I like it to be something different. I don’t like following the herd so to speak.

      Thanks again

  4. Richard, I just bought a Nokia 1020 and am very pleased to have found your site. You’ve inspired me to get out there an experiment with the camera and enjoy it as you obviously do. Thanks very much. One question: would you recommend trying a variable density filter?

    • Variable ND Filters tend not to be that good in terms of their maximum darkness, well that is what I have noticed with the ones I have but they are useful when combined with another ND filter such as a ND 64 to get the right level for the particular shot

  5. Hi, there ! is that true the site can support DIY case for lumia 1020.?
    I like the design with a lens protector.it is funny that the description said that can turn 360 degrees

  6. hi richard ! i would like to know what filter adapter u use for your Lumia 1020 DIY grip. and if you dont mind may i have a copy of pics to my email.

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