3 comments on “A Finnish Pureview in America

  1. thanks. You blogs post always makes we want to take a trip. The pictures are great. I too lived in the same area of CT and loved it. My wife and I now live in FL and miss the summer/fall in CT. About DC, another city most people don’t think of when looking for a place to visit. Love it. Thanks for the memories. I love your choice of cameras, I have both myself.

  2. Nice post 🙂 …. Amazingly stunning pictures taken from 808 Pureview at Georgetown as any Nokia follower would expect! My favorite 3 pics are “Sunrise at Washington monument” ,”Golden Gate Panorama” and “Sherwood Island”.

  3. Прекрасные фото!
    Больше всего понравилось “Sherwood Island” )))

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