14 comments on “My Nokia Device Collection – The Continuum

  1. I will be a while catching up but working on it,im suprised that you could not get your hands on the 920 not fair ,i will be getting the 820 too,when i get to see that is another thing,they are estimating JAN 2013 at the earliest,but i reckon i will get one from the uk sooner.

  2. Great collection. I counted that I have as big collection than You after about 354 years, because I have collected 10 Nokia phones during past 28years πŸ˜€

    I have here now these my and my wife’s old and 1 quite new Nokia phones: Mobira Talkman MD59 (1984, weight 4,5kg), 1611 (1997), 1630 (1998), 1631 (1999), 9110 (1999), 9210i (2002), 1100 (2003), 3610a (2008), 3120 Classic (2009) and 808 PureView (2012). I think all those old Nokia phones are still workable except 9210i which is totally dead. I bought that Nokia Mobira Talkman as a used phone in 1992 and it was 3000 Finnish mark then (about 500€) and I have heard that in 1984 that phone cost as a new about 24 000 Finnish mark (about 4000€).

    I have 4 kids (adults) and they have all Nokia phones also – my eldest son sent me a message today that he has just preordered a new Nokia Lumia 920 from Saunalahti operator and he told that it costs 16€/month with 3years plan here in Finland.

  3. So cool!! Right now im trying to collect all vintage high end devices from nokia.. The N series, E series etc. for now i have the Asha 302, Nokia E72, Nokia 808 Pureview.. All i want is those older devices still have original housings..:(

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