14 comments on “A Pureview of Gozo

  1. Really nice piece as usual Mr D, always enjoy your travels, looking forward to actually sharing one 🙂

      • Thanks Enzo, working on your photos now. Hopefully have them uploaded for you early next week, I won’t put them on flickr. I will send you a private link to download them

  2. Hi Richard, I have just viewed your lovely photos of Gozo and read your review. We are thinking of travelling to Gozo next year and staying at Farmhouse Lara …you seem to really like not only Gozo but the farmhouse , is it a comfy . well equipped villa? Would really like to hear from a previous visitor if you have the time ? Thank you Paula

    • Hi Paula, the Villa does not have air-conditioning and if you plan to eat at the Villa regularly you should know that the kitchen only has basic equipment such as hob, oven and basic pots and pans. It has recently had new some new furniture in the living room. It sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms and cost around 1400 euros per week. Bathrooms are functional but not plush. Depending on the time of year you plan to go the lack of air conditioning is not really an issue. If you plan to go in July/August be prepared fro very hot nights

      • Hi Richard, Many thanks for your feedback, that together with your journal has been really helpful. Just a couple more queries (I hope you dont mind ?) . Does the villa have fans ? We have found it difficult to find a place with a decent size pool and air conditioning and the pool is more important to us. Like you lilos , hats are important parts of our hols.Secondly, You also say you pick the car up in Malta and then go across to Gozo. Is that the best method ? We were originally going to get the transfers and have the car from the second day but are now querying this ?
        Thank you for your help , much appreciated. Paula

      • Hi, We find picking up the car at the airport the best method for us (we hate public transport). The buses are a lot better these days however. Traffic wise Malta has got quite busy, we know the short-cuts and routes to avoid the traffic, plus there are a lot of roadworks going on at the moment, not sure they will be finished by next summer (the Maltese do not work very fast). So, not really sure which to recommend for you. The airport pick up can be a little at times, we tend to leave one person to get the luggage and the other organises the car. Seems to work for us. As regards fans, if you ask they will normally provide some fans. In previous years we have just bought extra fans, the house does have ceiling fans but they really are not enough especially at night. Hope this helps

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