15 comments on “Nokia – A Decade of Imaging

  1. Wish I could lay my hands on that N90 and N93 awesome design. Best of vintage Nokia clamshell. I have been trying to see if N92 in wild, but haven’t found one. Have you?

  2. Nice one. Really envious of your collection and a nice walk down memory lane. I have to say the quality of the N82 images still surprises me. And the N9 and Lumia 800 just handle images so differently.

    Great post

  3. Really interesting and informative Rich, and can’t believe I haven’t owned any of them !!! (well waited through a two year contract to get the N95 8gig, but never had the original) and always enjoy seeing the photo’s you take using your Nokia hardware 🙂 Cheers mate

    • Well with 17 cameras to take the image with and remember the initial older devices do not have a focus function in any way, the only one that is out of focus is the N86. Well you know my apologies. The post wasn’t really about comparing. It was more about a trip down memory lane for me. You see I am old enough to have used all of these devices when they launched

      • you’re right – with the n8 it is easy to forget that older phones had fixed focus 🙂 i don’t suggest you are a bad photographer! great collection of phones 🙂

  4. Great piece… Maybe you’d be interested in this shot from my time working at Nokia…
    6 years of Camera & Gallery UI design at Nokia
    Btw, i designed the camera app & Gallery app UI for NSeries range…

  5. congrats man for still owning those great old nokia phones they are really unique, alive, and worthy of collection compare to other phone brands. Thank you for sharing this post and the blog, it brings back memories with my old nokias too, and it was a great experience though i dont have all of them.Nokia is bringing in pureview 808 i wonder how its gonna be like. Thanks man.

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