15 comments on “The Nokia Lumia 800 – The Camera

  1. Camera on N9 and Lumia 800 although decent I guess that if they was Running Symbian the Cameras would be performing 10x better.
    Once Nokia get everything they learnt and created for Symbian device Cams transferred over to the new Platforms I’m guessing we will see a massive improvement.
    Nothing wrong with the Modules its the Software what needs improving and hopefully Microsoft and Nokia are Working Hard to get done whats needed to enable the same quality level we are used to from Symbian Cameras

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  3. Thanks for your post! Very informative. I really love your Macro photos – they look very sharp, crisp and in focus. I’ve been trying to achieve same results with my 800, but its just not happening.

    Do you have time to deep dive into macro mode and how to achieve same picture quality? Right now, I take pictures with the Macro mode (and scene) enabled, but the background still doesn’t blur. I am sure a number of readers would find this useful too, as the pictures look very artistic when you can get macro mode working.

    Many thanks in advance!

  4. So is the configurabiity of the native camera app more rich than that in the N9?
    (assuming both are using the latest publicly avail update/fw)

      • Surprised by that….
        I’ve compare a N9 running PR1.2 with my L800 & it certainly didn’t seem that way.
        Granted I didn’t have the 24 hours I would’ve liked.

        What are the significant options IYP that the N9 lacks compared to the L800?

      • I didn’t say the N9 lacks any, what I said and I said it in the post that I think the Lumia 800 has too many options for altering the camera settings

      • Just looked at the N9’s settings now I have 1.2, they have improved it greatly since I last used the camera to any extent. Nice to see some of the stuff I asked for added

      • Too many features can be a negative for some people especially as with the Lumia Camera you need to alter them to get the best results, whereas the N8 works fine in auto mode. So it really depends on how the camera performs in normal use whether the setting become a negative or not

  5. I’ve found auto to be a major negative for the N9 too…
    As far as I can see there’s as many features as L800 to get more out of pics, “if” you know what you’re doing.
    But for “point & shoot” it’s just as weak as the L800….

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