15 comments on “The Nokia N9 and HDR Pro Camera – This Time it is Pro, But! (Updated)

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this one. Will find the app if it is available in our region and buy it. If not then I will be going to find another resource.

    As you mentioned about the fusing speed, “Yes it will take longer to fuse, however it still took less than a minute to process.”, then it’s really a great improvement compare to the HDR app I’m using on my N8.

    Thanks again sir!

  2. So does this have all the functionality of Camera Pro + an extra subset?
    Or is it a more narrowly-focused/specialized app compared to Camera Pro?

    I want something that greatly improves the OOTB performance/utility of the N9’s camera hw/sw.


      • Yes I read, it seems you’re rather disappointed.

        So there’s nothing else for the N9?
        I was hoping for something that augments the inbuilt perf/utility.

      • not that I have found yet. This Hdr app is good. So is HDR photo camera which I will be reviewing. I may contact the dev of camera pro to see if they have plans to improve

      • @Sheridan

        So did you ever find out if they plan to improve the more general purpose camera app? (camera pro)
        ATM there seems to be only narrowly focused HDR apps for the N9.

      • Tbh I haven’t looked in a while as the N9 is not my main device. The Camera Pro app is technically a beta, hence why it is free. I can e-mail the developer and find out if he plans on doing a full paid version

      • T’would be really appreciated if you could?
        They’re more likely to respond to you!
        Sad to hear it’s no longer your main device, what is?


      • I have quite a lot of Nokia devices so tend to switch about a lot, currently using Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and one of my trusty N8’s. N9 is in use just not the main one. BTW I have sent an email to the dev to ask if he has plans on updating, might not as it is a one off device, so time VS Income may not be worth it for him

      • “BTW I have sent an email to the dev to ask if he has plans on updating,”

        Thank-you very much for that mate!

      • Sorry, never got a response, first time he had not responded. And I will be honest I never asked again, as i said because I don’t use it much I am not focused on the device. Although the camera has been improved greatly in recent updates. TBH I don’t think the dev is that focused on Meego, it is only one device compared to many for Symbian and I believe he intends to do WP apps too after WP8 is released and more camera access is given to devs

      • NP, looks like quite a few other (by all acts) excellent alts have popped-up in the community, will try soon.
        I also think app in Qn has been updated in the Store, but some of the reviews suggest its nothing great.

  3. Is HDR Photo Camera the same genre of app as HDR Pro Camera (sounds like it). Or is it more akin to Camera Pro?

    I hope the devs of Camera Pro plan to rectify all the concerns, & continue to dev aggressively.
    Sounds like it’s pretty much it right now… 😦

    Thanks for the sharing your thoughts/experiences!

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