37 comments on “A Few Nokia Phones and Some Other Stuff

  1. What a stunning collection. O_O I’d love you even if it was only the N-Gage. But no, you even have the N90 and the N900 – my other favorites.

    Simply incredible. Congrats! 🙂

  2. I am so jealous of that collection! The N-gage games collection is very impressive, never really saw them in stores round my way.

    No wonder you need a 9kg cat, it must be to scare off any would-be burglars!

    I would post my collection but a photo of a single N9 would be pretty boring! 😀 Hoping to get a Lumia 710 as soon as they go on sale here.

  3. Incredible N-Gage collection! Supremely jealous! I got my N-Gage QD (with the pale grey rubber bumper thing) along with Fifa 2005, Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 and the MLB game as a birthday present, and I was chuffed to bits! The wife had agreed to it as I was working then and I could look forward to being able to afford to get more games, then just seven weeks later the project I was on got it’s funding cancelled and three weeks after that I was out! So I managed to get a loaner copy of Worms under the understanding I would pay for it as and when I could only for my cousin to up and sell the phone and all his games just a week later!

    My QD took a complete a hammering in the space of a few months and then even though I tried to keep it stored in the box when I moved on to my N91 the wife and daughters insured that it never stayed there and gave up the ghost completely sometime in 2008 after we moved house. Seeing that collection of games fills me with longing to get another QD and collect all the games like that! Although all of mine would be played! 😀 And I must say that the QD on top of it’s box looks like it has never been used!

    Yes the QD was my favourite past Nokia, but only narrowly ahead of my N91. I never liked the N85 as much as I always thought I should of gone for the N82 or waited for the N86. Never cared for my communicator or E90 as they were just too big for me and cost me a fortune in text messages, especially the communicator as it was the first phone I had in Finland and I wasn’t really on top of my contract details. My 5210 was great but was stolen while I was in Russia after I had had it for only six months. I had a 3210, 7110 and 6210 back in uni in the UK and in fact the 6210 survives to this day. My N91 was sold to enable the purchase the my current phone (N8) and the owner still uses it several times a week as a dedicated music device! 🙂

    I’m off to start a search for a QD… And tell the wife I know what I would like for Christmas… 😉

  4. Hey sheridan!!! Simply amazing!! Thats something that you dont see even at Nokia, i suppose! Congratz for your amazing collection! I have a t-shirt that ive received on the n-gage ambassador, you know that S60 shirt?! Its really nice! I thought that you own that!!!
    Thanks for these amazing pictures!! Cya later, man!!!!

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  6. It’s N8 all the way for me although my Nokia N95 8GB and 8910i will always hold a place in my heart.

    Testing the Lumia 800 is tweaking my interest in Nokia Windows Phone at the mo’ although I would love to see a Nokia 801 appearing as an updated N8 like the 701 is to the C7. Maybe they could update the processor and RAM to support Symbian Belle better.

    • Thanks Varun, yeah the 6630 was a great device. As regards any I don’t have, lol loads mate, I have only scratched the surface of Nokia phone History, not sure exactly how many there are but over 500 at least. So some way to go yet

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  9. My all time favourite is the n95-3. It just did everything. n82 for the camera and everything in-between I think was crap until the n8 finally got its update to Anna. Now we wait for Belle. Great collection though for me, if I had it, I would probably be thinking of it in monetary terms. I don’t think I could have bought all those games and then leave them remaining sealed and unopened.

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