16 comments on “My Heart, My Soul, My Nokia World!

  1. Great post Sheridan, as a newbie at Nokia (but involved with the company for a couple of years) I have to say Nokia World was a great experience, the pride and the “buzz” of the place was exciting…

  2. Really nice article Richard, shame you’re such a shrinking violet and couldn’t put a bit of emotion and enthusiasm into it ? 😀 All I can say is I agree with every word, it was really an event to remember, and as much as the event and the products, the people really made it, thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and all the other guys’n’gals and it will sit in the happy section of my memory for many years to come, look forward to seeing some more of your photography, and will no doubt have the odd chat in the Twitterverse . Also , as you get more visits than me, would also like to thank Nokia and all it’s staff for a great experience, Cheers Rich 😉

  3. Stephen, hi

    Great to have had a chance to meet Steve, Krishna, CJ you in person. I can see you guys really have fun not only on the ground at NW but equally on NSD forum, helping Nokia phone owners to overcome almost all issues they face with their Nokia. Thank you!

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