16 comments on “Nokia 701 – Just another EDoF lens?

  1. Great pics Richard, as an E7 user i know one can take decent shots with an Edof device, and i also like the ability of just being able to fire off shots without having to wait for the green focusing square to light up :).
    However, under a wide range of situations, an AF unit will always be preferable given everything else being equal, Edof was introduced on a cost saving basis nothing to do with performance or space issues, god help Nokia if the flagship WP7 are Edof units, it can do the job, yes, but preferable to AF, no way!

    • I agree Mark, but then we are not normal tech consumers are we? I am merely pointing out that a lot of people do not know how to use an AF lens, so for them EDoF is perfect and always will be.

  2. You have a point, however, if your spending over a hundred quid on a unit, and some Edof units cost 3 or 4 times that, you have a right to a fully functioning AF module, hell, even my Mrs understands that you gotta depress the button half way, and wait for the green square to light up Lol. it’s not quantum physics 🙂

    • I know its not mate, but the amount of photo’s I see where they did not do that is incredible. It’s those people that should just get an EDoF. That way they can’t fail.

  3. Those are some absolutely stunning pictures, even the fairly close ones of the cats look really good!

    I’ve never had a phone with EDoF, but after seeing these results I don’t think it would bother me one bit now.

    The only real close ups I do are of items for ebay but after seeing the cat pictures I reckon EDoF could handle the type of pictures I usually upload. Great work.

  4. Amazing pictures there . I too had a chance to play with the 600.700, 701 and the EDoF cameras are not bad at all. 701 produces stunning results. Gave the phone to a random passerby to click a pic and he took a great pic. With AF ill have to tutor him on how the shutter button works. I m fine with EDoF cams in low tier or mid-tier devices but Nokia should give auto-focus in hi-end device. The E7 should have had AF !

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  7. nice pics Richard. Landscape pics are normally always good with most cameras so not many surprises there.
    i am really surprised by pics of Cats. Really good one.
    Though I have been camera centric user with N73, N82 and NB now , I also used E52 and now E6.
    Both produced some great pics. E6 seems to be best of lot and may get better after belle.
    Though I will always prefer AF over EDoF , I agree that for most people on most situations EDoF works ok.
    For me EDoF photos , when looked closely lack details which I hate.
    Also EDoF video capture is also brilliant !

  8. true that.some of my friends tried my N8’s camera and the pics turn out blurry. i went and asked “how the F did the pics came out like that?”
    and they answered ” i just press the shutter”
    “didnt you wait for the green focus square?”
    “what green square”
    “arghh#%^$ba mnsam”

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  12. I am looking into that phone and the only thing that bothers me is the EDoF. I often find myself in need of a camera that can photograph some papers with readable text or diagrams. I read somewhere that 701’s depth of field is from 35cm to infinity. Can you take some photos of papers with relatively small text or business cards from 40cm and post them or mail them to me(but I think others will want to see them, too).

    I know N8 has superior camera, but it is 30% more expensive, less ergonomic, darker screen, no user-replaceable battery, weaker hardware, HDMI vs SD TV-out (bad for me – I still live in the 20th century) and most importantly – no white LED flash to use as a torch, so for now I stick with an old 5800XM

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