4 comments on “The Nokia X7 – It may be fixed focus but it can still do this.

    • Well I never actually said it was a real Macro (close-up) shot, most people do not care about them. And yes AF is not involved in landscape photography. I never said it was. I am just pointing out you can get some nice photo’s out of the X7. That’s all, plain and simple

  1. Thing i like most about edof camera is…it can capture pics very quickly and using edof module helps Nokia to make phones slimmer. Not only macro but even objects/persons 3-5 meters from phone give blurry pics. Surprisingly video recording is excellent by edof phones and very much comparable to videos captured by n8 but not now though as n8 now can record video with continuous auto focus which is not possible for x7/c7 etc.

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